Country Teams

The goal?

The goal of the country teams is to help with the integration of faith in the Netherlands.
A country team consists of volunteers who have expertise in the field of migrants of a specific ethnicity (eg the Eritreans, the Thai, the Chinese etc.)
A country team always consists of a Dutch-speaking migrant who comes from the country of the migrants' country and one or more Dutch volunteers.

How does a country team help?

The Dutch-speaking migrant will be employed (part-time) by the Faith Integration Foundation. Together with the volunteers they organize meetings, workshops, church meetings. Everything is aimed at helping migrant Christians to (continue to) believe in the Netherlands.

We have developed a plan in collaboration with, among others, Rev. J van Dijk fund to achieve this.

A successful pilot is now underway, which will be completed in May 2019. This pilot has laid the foundation for working with a country team per migrant community.


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